2014 Hair Style Trends

Hair Trends for 2014 by Soul Hairdressing, Belfast

As we welcome the new year we also welcome the new hair style trends for 2014. Whether you have long hair or short hair, we have some looks perfect for anyone thinking about hair style ideas for 2014. The experts at our Hairdressing Salon in Belfast have been putting their heads together coming up with hair trend predictions for 2014, so drum roll please… here are our favourites.

Short hairstyle trends for 2014

What was once all about short, blunt fringes, 2014 hair style trends will feature much more softer edges. Feminine looks are in and curved lines are the way forward for this years short hairstyle trends. If you are thinking about starting the new year with a new shorter style, why not book in to chat to our experts – the stylists at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast have years of combined experience in short hairstyles.

Long hairstyle trends for 2014

If you would like hair style inspiration for 2014, but don’t quite fancy the chop we have two key trends for long hair. The first look is poker straight – put those heated rollers to one side and dig out those straighteners. Think long, sleek and straight for a perfect 2014 hairstyle that’s bang on trend. If you have unruly hair but would love this look, click here to hear about our amazing Brazilian Blow Dry treatment from Kerastraight. The other of the key trends for 2014 hair is soft waves. A great way to get this look at home is to curl your hair with a wand or styler and once the hair has cooled down – brush through to relax the waves into a carefree style.

For inspiration on hairstyle services in Belfast, check out our hair cutting and hair styling at Soul Hairdressers.

Hair colour predictions for 2014

Vibrant, bold hair colours are a key hairstyle trend for 2014. Statement looks are flooding the catwalks and at Soul Hairdressing we love to see our clients experimenting with different palettes and tones. If you don’t want to go for a full head of hair colour, start with some highlights/lowlights or partial fashion colour to still be on trend.

For more on hair colour services in Belfast, take a look at our hair colour at Soul Hairdressing.

Up do trends for 2014

The perfect hairstyle needs to not only look amazing but also be wearable. Up-dos can be practical as well as gorgeous and this year up-do trends for 2014 are messy, windswept hairstyles. Get that backcombing brush to hand as the more windswept the look the better. Want something a little more formal? Leave the backcombing and add curls to the up-do to create a hairstyle trend for weddings, parties and formal events.

So you see no matter what your hair type you can find a hairstyle trend in 2014 for you. If you would like to talk more to one of our expert stylists at our Hair Salon in Belfast. Why not give us a call? We would love to hear from you!