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  1. hi
    I am thinking of getting rid of grey hair and was really looking advice. Would it be possible to chat to someone about it? I would be embarrassed getting it done in front of others though given my job
    Thank you

    1. Hi Paddy,
      Sorry for delayed response I’m just seeing your message now, you must have sent it to my website, I see you are booked in with me on Tuesday, I will have a chat with you then in relation to colour. It is nothing to be to concerned about lots of men get there grey removed.

      Regards Mark.

  2. Hi,

    I’d like to make an appointment for a cut tomorrow.

    Do you have any availability? And how much will it cost?


    1. Hi, it is £40 for a cut & blow dry, if you phone the salon tomorrow, there are a few in the late afternoon! Tel: 02890 469828.

      Regards Mark.

  3. Hi. Just wondering how much a Brazilian blow dry costs for medium length hair and how long results last compared to xtenso straightening treatment?

    1. Hi juli, the kerastraight for medium lenght is £200 that’s above the shoulder, there is a 20% off voucher on my website. The difference in the two products is the kerastraight is a lot more nourishing to the hair more gentle on the hair and will improve the condition.

  4. Hi I have very short hair,ie shaved round the sides, usually on a 2 blade, but the little hair I do still have needs ‘sorted out’ as such. I was wondering if, firstly you use clippers as a few hairdressers I have encountered don’t, and if so could you give me a guide price of how much it may cost, I also intend to re-dye it but previous attempts have not worked out as well as I hoped, I’m trying to go as blonde as I can that would suit my complexion. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emma, hard to give a price without seeing the hair first, why not phone the salon on Tuesday and book in for a consultation and I can advise you better. Phone 02890 469828 and book in with Mark, and we can shave the sides with a two guard if you wish.

      Regards Mark.

  5. I have wavy hair which I have been straightening for years. I would now like to start embracing my natural look. I would also like a colour make over. Do you have stylists who are particularly good at naturally wavy hair styles.

    1. Hi Sally, if you would like to book in for a consultation phone the salon on 02890 469828 and ask for a consultation with mark, and he will gladly answer any questions and worries you may have.

  6. Hello, I have never been to your salon. I am going through a need a change phase. I have medium length chestnut brown hair, have recently gone through a breakup and I am considering going blonde. I have quit pale skin with a pink pigment, I do not tan and have dark brown eyes. I am wondering about a price? I’m so nervous though, it’s a big step for me.

    1. Hi Zara, it is hard to help you until I see your hair for myself, phone the salon to book in for a free consultation on 02890 469828

      Thanks Mark.

  7. Hi I have dirty blonde to blonde hair and I wanted to dye my hair grey but pale grey, more white probably! I was wondering how many times I would have to bleach my hair if it is dirty blonde and also if u could bleach it and dye it in the same day? Thanks

    1. Hi Sydney, it is hard to tell until l see your hair for a price and if it can be done, if you would like to phone the salon and book in for a free consultation on 02890 469828.
      Thank Mark.

  8. Hi. I have human remy hair extensions very good quality and I was wondering if I could email you a picture to see if the pastel colours I want out through it is possible. It’s for tenants vital so don’t mind it being semi permenant. Is there any way I can send you a picture? Thanks. Melanie

  9. Hi looking to have blonde foils in my hair lm so glad you use olaplex,lve medium length hair and my roots are showing now so how much would it be to have done please.kind regards,Mary.

  10. Hi. I am looking for a full head of a new colour ( not highlights). I have jet-black Chinese hair. How much would it cost? Also would it need to be “bleached” prior to colouring?

  11. Hi

    I am thinking of cutting my hair (it is long now, I want to have a short medium hair style) and make it wavy slightly. Which service should I choose? Thank you!

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