Cutting & Styling

The Best Haircuts & Styles in Belfast at Soul Hairdressing Salon

At our Hairdressing Salon in Belfast we like to get to know all our clients’ needs, personality and lifestyle.  Why?  It helps us create the best hair colour, cut and style for you as an individual.

A professional no obligation consultation is the first stage to creating the perfect hair style and hair cut for you. This relaxed informal chat will enable you to get to know us as much as we will get to know you and offer our professional advice when it comes to your new hair style.

At Soul, we know a great hair cut and hairstyle can change the way you look and feel about yourself.  We discuss every stage of your new hair cut and style with you to achieve the best hair cut possible. 

Great Hair Cuts at Soul Hairdressing in Belfast

Creating a professional, precision hair cut and style requires technical skills and observational skills.  At Soul Hairdressing, our consultation process allows us to observe your face shape, assess the balance of your facial features and suggest a hair cut and style that will compliment and enhance your natural look.

All stylists at Soul are highly skilled and trained to use many tools that will enable a fantastic, professional precision hair cut.  Hair density, texture and the direction that the hair grows all vary between the crown, fringe, neck and sides of the hair.  This means many stylists will use some or possibly all of the above techniques when creating the perfect hair cut. 

Short Hair Ideas at Soul Hairdressing in Belfast

Short hair is more popular than ever and we can help you to find a style that suits you, your sense of style and facial features.   Our stylists are highly trained and have precision cutting expertise to give you a great hair cut that will soon be attracting compliments and admiring glances.  The right short pixie crop, chic bob or sexy chop can really enhance your features.  Speak to your Soul Hairdressing stylist for advice on whether a short hairstyle will suit you

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair at Soul Hair Salon, Belfast

Mid-length hair is super easy to maintain and a pleasure to style.  Tousled waves, poker straight or a sexy up do are all easily achieved with this length.  Some face shapes are best suited to medium-length hair so why not talk to your stylist about which hair style would work best for you?  We are experts when it comes to hair, so let us work our magic and give you a hair cut that you will love. 

Long Hair Styles at Soul Hairdressing Salon in Belfast

There are so many possibilities with long hair.  Whether natural or styled with extensions, long hair is incredibly versatile.  Keep your long hair looking healthy with regular trims or ask your stylist to create some body and texture with well-placed layers.

When it comes to styling long hair, consider changing your style every once in a while.  Braids, loose waves and upstyles such as buns, beehives and chignons are just some of the options available.

Make an appointment at our hair salon in Belfast, contact Soul Hairdressing and book your next hair cut today!