Men’s Hair

Men’s Hair Services at Soul Hair Salon in Belfast

Looking for a top quality gent’s haircut? We offer professional cutting and hair colouring services for men at our hair salon in Belfast.  From on-trend men’s hair styles to classic cuts, we can create a wide variety of hair styles for gents.

Get The Look… Disconnected Men’s Hairstyles 

men's hairstyles, soul hairdressing salon, belfast, northern irelandDisconnected hair cuts are among the top trending hairstyles for men.  

As the name implies, a disconnected haircut is often cut short or closely shaved at the sides and back with some length left on the top.  

A similar look is the undercut where the sides and back of the hair are completely shaved to the same length all the way round.  

A fade is where the top hair blends into the sides and back which becomes shorter as it reaches the nape of the neck… into a fade.

This hairstyle is surprisingly versatile as the hair on top can be worn in a quiff, slicked straight back, with a deep side parting or long and floppy. 

Get The Look… Long Hairstyles for Men

long hairstyles for men, hairdressers in belfastLong hair can look great on gents, but make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly and have some layers added to give your hairstyle shape and movement.

The best long hairstyles for men can be easily maintained and look super stylish.  We can layers and fringes to keep it on trend and more manageable.  

We are experts in creating hair styles for men, so rest assured you will end up with a hairstyle you love.  

If you’ve seen a hairstyle you fancy, why not save the image and show it to your stylist so we can recreate the look for you? 


Texturised Men’s Hair Cuts & Styles

men's hair cuts, belfast barbers and hair salonSometimes one hair look is simply not enough!  That’s where a texturised men’s hairstyle can come in handy!

Carefully placed layers will give your hair movement and make it easier to style.  Then all you need is the right styling products and a little ‘know-how’ to create different looks!

Texturised hair styles can be worn well-groomed during the day and ‘messed up’  for a night out.  A wax, gel or pomade can be applied to your hair for extra styling options and we can advise on the best way to apply them.

Talk to your stylist about the best ways to style your hair.  We are happy to share our expertise and product knowledge with you. 

Book Your Gent’s Hair Cut or Style at Soul Hairdressing in Belfast

If you’re looking for a great new men’s hair cut or style, please get in touch with Soul Hairdressing in Belfast by calling us on 028 9046 9828 or book online.