Hair Colour Specialists

Beautiful Hair Colour at Soul Hairdressing Salon in Belfast

hair colour, soul hairdressing salon in BelfastFrom the subtlest of shades to the most extreme expression of hair colourist palette our Hairdressing Salon in Belfast are colour experts and are ready and waiting to give you the best the best colour you have ever had.

Consultation is the key to our colour services. Our expert hair colourists will meet with you to fully understand exactly what you want and to suggest perfect solutions taking into account your style, colouring and lifestyle.

Working exclusively with Loreal professional hair colours, our colourists are highly trained on an on-going basis and will give you the best advice and brilliant results in all aspects of hair colouring, giving you complete confidence in your final result.

At Soul Hairdressing, we specialise in:

* Tone on tone hair colour

* Permanent colouring

* Full and half colouring

* Highlighting and low lighting

* Hair Colour correction

Client safety is paramount at Soul Hairdressing and we operate a mandatory skin test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.  Please contact us for your free colour consultation.

Balayage Hair Colour Trends

colour melts, root drag and colour bleeds at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast

Balayage remains a top hair colouring trend in our Belfast salon and it’s clear to see why. This versatile look offers low maintenance hair colour that is bespoke to you. No matter if you want a classic, rich brunette balayage, sun kissed blonde balayage or bold & bright red balayage colour our team of hair colour specialists can create a look that you will love.

Balayage has become an umbrella term for may modern & classic colour techniques including highlights, babylights, ombre and colour melts. Some of these looks allow for your talented Soul stylist to create a natural blend of colour from the roots to the tips which avoid a hard regrowth line. We can ‘stretch’ or ‘drag’ out your root colour, adding multi-dimensional shades, growing lighter towards the ends of your hair.

Colour can be added directly onto the hair using a freehand technique or as foil highlights for a tailored look. Ombré is a more defined two-tone effect, with darker roots becoming lighter towards the ends. 

Read our five star salon reviews to see why our clients tell us we are a top salon in Belfast or Balayage

The Best Hair Colour in Belfast at Soul Hair Salon

Hair Colour SpecialistsYou’ll find the best hair colouring services at Soul Hairdressing in Belfast.  Colour services are delivered by our highly skilled and trained staff who are experts in the most advanced hair colouring techniques.

Achieving the best hair colour possible is important to our clients and at Soul hairdressing, we strive to create the colour that will compliment you as an individual. 

Hair colour services at Soul start with one of our informal no obligation colour consultations.  This relaxed chat between yourself and your Soul colour technician will allow us to assess your hair, find out a bit about yourself and your lifestyle and work together to design the perfect hair colour for you.

There are many different techniques and application methods when it comes to dyeing hair along with colour trends and fashion.  Scroll down the page to learn more about hair colour application methods at Soul, so you can get an idea of what technique might be right for you.

Highlights & Lowlights at Soul Hairdressing Salon, Belfast

Hair Colour SpecialistsUsing foil high or low lights (sometimes written as hi-lites) is a versatile hair colour application method that creates hair colour as unique as you are.

Foil highlighting allows your Soul hair colour technician to use various amounts of width and volume foils to individually place colours, tones and shades for a desired end colour result.

Whether natural and subtle colour or striking and dramatic, foil highlighting can be achieved in the following ways:

Sample foils – create a color accent in one particular area (for example a side parting or fringe) with up to 8 foils sliced, woven or placed on the hair to create the desired hair colour.

Partial or half head foils – colour a whole section of hair using foil highlights or lowlights for striking results.  Concentrating the foils on half the head of hair can produce dramatic results.

Full head foils – colouring the whole head of hair using foils can be as intense and dramatic or as natural and subtle as your chosen colour shade will allow.  There are countless possibilities with this technique.

Covering Grey Hair, Roots & Regrowth

Hair Colour SpecialistsCovering grey hair can bring life and vibrancy back into not only your hair colour, but your features too.  It’s no secret that grey hair can really age a person, male or female, so bring youthful tones back to your hair with the best grey colour coverage.

Colouring hair but not attending to root regrowth can really make hair appear lacklustre and dull.  Maintain your perfect hair colour with regular root regrowth colour touch ups and you’ll inject new life, shine and depth into your hair colour. Re-colouring roots will help your hair to remain looking in great condition.

Colour Changes & Transformations

A hair colour change doesn’t necessarily need to be achieved by using foil highlighting or lowlighting.  You can also choose to colour your hair with a permanent or semi-permanent hair colour.  Your expert colour hair technician at Soul will apply the hair colour in slices, sections or to the full head to ensure even coverage creating your desired perfect hair colour change. 

Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour SpecialistsMention correcting hair colour problems and people usually think of hair dye disasters such as blonde hair dyed green or red hair dye ending up bright orange.  Whilst these types of hair dye disasters are common and very stressful, colour correction at Soul Hairdressing can take on many forms:

Hair dye disaster – as we mentioned, a hair colour catastrophe is a stressful time.  You may feel self conscious, anxious and upset.  The best way to correct hair colour problems is to firstly try to remain calm and seek professional help immediately.  Don’t fall into the hair dye trap of colouring over the problem.  In most cases this will only make the hair colour problem worse. At Soul Hairdressing, our highly skilled and trained colour technicians are experts in correcting hair colour problems. They will analyse every part of your hair to devise the exact mix and tones needed to restore the shade and colour of the hair.

Hair colour or shade imbalances– correcting highlights that are too orange in tone or removing dark bands of colour that have overlapped with repeated colouring and examples of correcting colour or shade imbalances.  These types of hair colour problems are solved every day at soul Hairdressing.

When hair colour goes wrong, you can trust the experience and skills of Soul Hairdressing, Belfast to ease this stressful situation and get your hair colour corrected quickly.

Questions answered in our Hair Colour Consultations:

  • How often should I colour my hair?
  • Will my hair colour fade by washing my hair?
  • I am pregnant.  Can I colour my hair?
  • What colour would suit my particular skin tone?
  • What products will help my hair colour last?
  • Does sunlight and swimming affect hair colour? …and many more questions.

Please note: If you have never had a hair colour service at Soul Hairdressing, you must visit the salon 48 hours before your appointment for a skin test. This is for your own safety and comfort.

Book your hair colour appointment at our hair salon in Belfast, Soul Hairdressing, give us a call on 028 9046 9828.