Pregnancy Hair Care

Soul Hairdressing Salon’s Guide to Hair Care During Pregnancy in Belfast

Pregnancy Hair CareAs many mums will tell you, during pregnancy there are many changes to your body that it is important to put aside a little ‘me time’.

Although you may be showing that glorious glow on the outside, some days pregnancy symptoms can leave you feeling not so good on the inside. Morning sickness and swollen ankles; two common reasons why a few trips to our Hair Salon in Belfast, will do you the world of good during your pregnancy.

Although your fluctuating hormones can bring on changes to your hair during pregnancy, the expert stylists at Soul Hairdressing can give you all the help and advice you need to ensure gorgeous hair right the way through your pregnancy.


Colouring Your Hair When Pregnant at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast

Pregnancy Hair CareIs it safe to colour my hair when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Contrary to what many people believe, the NHS have reported that most research into dyeing hair when pregnant and breastfeeding is perfectly safe for you and your baby. It is the very high doses of chemicals found in some hair dyes that can potentially cause harm when colouring your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However a full report on the official guidelines for colouring hair when pregnant has been published by the NHS and can be found here:

Colouring your hair when pregnant can give you a great lift and boost so to reduce any risks of over using hair colour chemicals, opt for a few highlights or lowlights during your pregnancy, rather than a full head of colour. If you are still unsure about hair colouring when pregnant, our expert stylists at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast, will be more than happy to give you their professional advice on hair care when pregnant in a free one to one consultation.

Pregnancy Hair Problems at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast

Higher levels of oestrogen during pregnancy will mean that some women notice thicker hair during pregnancy. As hair growth is prolonged this can result in less shedding and often healthier more glossy looking hair for lots of women.

Changes to hair texture and moisture levels however can be a pregnancy hair problem. Greasier hair when pregnant is common in some women whereas others may find their hair is much more dry and brittle. Changes in your hair during pregnancy is perfectly normal and our expert stylists at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast, will be able to offer you advice on shampoos, conditions and styling products that will work perfectly in solving your pregnancy hair problems – whatever they may be.

Hairstyles During and After Your Pregnancy at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast

Having a baby is a huge event in your life and lots of women find it a good time to change your hairstyle during pregnancy. Changing your look to make it easier for when the baby comes might mean you decide on a more manageable look. As your hormones are up and down during pregnancy, all Soul hairdressers will recommend you consult your stylist of your thoughts on any drastic hairstyle changes during pregnancy.

When your baby arrives the very LAST thing on your mind will be your hair. But speak to any Mum and she will tell you that putting time aside for yourself and maintaining a basic hair and beauty regime will do you the world of good and make all the difference to your self-esteem. Speak to you Soul hairdresser about low maintenance hairstyles and quick hair tips for a busy Mum to make your life easier for when the baby arrives.

Pregnancy Hair and Beauty Treatments at Soul Hairdressing, Belfast

If you’re looking for a salon to relax and be pampered at whilst pregnant then visit us at our Hairdressing Salon in Belfast. To book an appointment for your hair and beauty treatments when pregnant call us on 028 9046 9828 .We look forward to seeing you soon.